Student visa extension

General information

The procedure for extending a student visa in France and elsewhere in Europe is a new administrative trial that any student will have to face. Visas are extended by the French prefecture. At least three months before the expiry date of your visa, you should sign up for a meeting in the prefecture and collect the necessary documents.

Quartier Latin will help you register and collect all the necessary papers, fill out application forms and contact the appropriate authorities. We listen to your needs and take into account all the specifics of your situation.

As you might guess, student visa extension is slightly easier than getting it for the first time: you've got enough friends, people at the university know you, and you have a place to stay. However, you should still take this process seriously: the accuracy of the documents, your legal status in France and your social record are important. If you get fines, are expelled from university or simply take up with the wrong guys while in France, you may have difficulties. We can help you to work out the specifics of your situation.


  • We do everything to so that your dossier meets the requirements for obtaining a visa, taking its individual characteristics into account;
  • If necessary, we will contact the university or your employer for confirmation of regulations or advice on your issue;
  • You will get both comments on your dossier as well as advice at every stage of its compilation;
  • Guarantee that a wide range of application forms of any complexity and for any purpose will be filled in error-free.


  •  Original and a scan of your passport, visa, birth certificate translated into French;
  •  Documents confirming your address in France;
  •  Documents from your place of study: certificate of enrollment in university (certificat de scolarité) for students on internship - internship contract;
  •  Exam result statement certified by the university, for interns - certified confirmation of the internship;
  •  Documents confirming your financial independence (au pair contract, wage slips over the past 3 months, etc.)


The price of the service is 400 euros.