Assistance in preparing and writing motivation letters

General information

A motivation letter is a very important part of your dossier. Unlike cold faceless documents, certificates, statements and diplomas, a motivation letter gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts, present yourself as an individual and intelligently describe your thoughts and plans on paper.

In disputable situations, it is your motivation letter that can be the decisive factor in the application or employment process. For the university or employer, this letter is almost the only way to see both your current achievements and your potential.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you treat the letter with particular attention. It's not as easy as it seems: on the one hand, the letter must be written in business style, taking into account all the nuances of the formal correspondence, be properly structured and accurately translated. On the other hand, this is your only way to touch the heart of the reader, so use your creativity and think twice about your objectives and motivations.

If while writing the motivation letter, you have some difficulties, Quartier Latin is here to offer assistance. Our professionals will help you to arrange your thoughts and put them down onto paper.


  • Your motivation letter will be translated into good French and styled perfectly;
  • It will have good structure: an introduction, main part and conclusion. Each of the components will be easy to read and analyse;
  • If necessary, we can help you choose the best wording and highlight important points with our understanding of the French mindset.


  • CV (written yourself or with the help of our Company);
  • Information about the addressee and the purpose of the motivation letter (name of the educational institution or company, brief information about the specialization);
  • A draft version of the letter written by you (in brief or a full version, in writing or orally).


The price of the service is 200 euros