Search for a guardian for minors

General information

If, upon your arrival in France, you have not turned 18 years old, under French law and that of most European countries, an adult citizen must assume responsibility for your stay on the territory of the country. The person willing to be a guardian must conform to a long list of requirements. Furthermore, as you can imagine the number of applicants under the age of 18 is very large. Therefore, it is very difficult to find such a person. Moreover, in this case the guardian assumes real responsibility by signing this document.

Quartier Latin will find a candidate for you, who is willing to be this responsible person. We treat documents with due care just like the visa application center itself, so you can be sure that this candidate will meet all necessary requirements. We will choose a reliable and competent candidate for the role of guardian. You can be completely sure about the authenticity of their signature. Without their help, you will find it extremely difficult to arrange documents to rent apartment, for example.

As you might guess, entering into a contract with a guardian will not influence your admission to a French university; however, it is a mandatory condition to obtain a long-term student visa.


  • The life of a minor residing in Europe is shadowed by endless paperwork that you need to sign, back up with documents and obtain permits. A guardian on the territory of the country you reside in will greatly ease this burden;
  • The guardianship is officially registered and the corresponding document becomes a part of your dossier for a student visa. Without this document your dossier is considered to be incomplete;
  • Often, guardians "on paper" become good friends in real life!


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • An invitation from the university;
  • A short description of yourself.


The price of the service is 1000 euros (remuneration for the search and registering guardianship). Additional remuneration for the selected candidate for the guardian role - by agreement.