Assistance in preparing and translating your CV

General information

Why do you need a CV when applying to universities in France? Judge for yourself: neither the French government, nor the commission of the educational institution knows anything about you. Your CV is your chance to show your school or university grades, attach any diplomas and write a touching motivation letter. A well-structured CV is the best way to present this information concisely and completely.

Be sure: this document is of huge importance in a number of instances. You will be judged primarily by your CV in a range of situations: starting with your dossier for your visa, entrance, application for a scholarship and ending with finding a job in France.

The CV is your image, your biography and your career guide rolled into one. France, as every country in Europe, has its own rules, traditions and nuances in drafting this document. Which photo should you choose? In what order should your work experience be written on your CV? How should the headings in your CV be laid out?

To each of these questions, there is a detailed answer, however we suggest that you trust the professionals who know exactly how to make a CV look the most effective.

If you want your CV to be drafted in the best European traditions so that the receiving party gains the impression that you are a responsible and competent professional, use our CV service: we will assist you in drafting and setting your CV correctly.

Quartier Latin helps you to collect and structure the information, fill in any gaps and cut out useless details. We know exactly how to find a happy medium which will increase your chances of success.


  • A properly structured CV greatly increases your chance of enrolling in a university or being employed;
  • We will help you to highlight your achievements so that your CV reflects only your best sides.


  • A draft version of your CV;
  • A brief description about yourself, your achievements, objectives, compiled in written form or orally.


The price of the service is 200 euros. Free CV translation into Business French is included.