Opening a bank account

General information

Opening a bank account in France means you are making it clear to the government and yourself that your intentions are really very serious. Actually, in fact, having an account in a French Bank is a mandatory condition for your stay in the country. Without an account you won't be able to get a fully-functioning SIM card, a travel pass or many other of the other necessities that significantly simplify life in France.

However, opening an account is a real challenge! You need to go to the Bank, clearly report your intention to the staff, produce required documents according to a list and, finally, choose the right tariff service that really suits you. It is not uncommon that foreigners sign up for the services imposed by the Bank that are completely unnecessary for them and then regularly paid for them from their bank accounts. Moreover, not all French banks are loyal to foreigners, especially to students and may lack practice in working with them.

Another remarkable feature of French banks is cheque books. You thought they disappeared last century? It’s not the case. The French themselves are proud of their banking system and consider it to be one of the most convenient in the world. Probably, you just need to get used to it and understand its peculiarities, maybe you will soon start to think so too.

Opening a bank account takes a certain amount of time and it is better take care of this issue immediately upon arrival. However, you must already have documents confirming the fact you have permanent residence.

Quartier Latin will help you to cope with all the difficulties of opening an account, and transferring and collecting documents. We value our clients’ time and do our best to resolve issues as soon as possible.


  • With your own bank account, you considerably simplify your daily life, gaining the opportunity to pay with a local bank card;
  • A French account allows you to get a permanent travel pass, a SIM card, register for any subscriptions;
  • French banks are reliable, sustainable partners with high-quality services. You do not have to worry about the safety of your own account. The main thing is to open it in a right way from the beginning.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • A student ID card or another document confirming the purpose of your stay in France (for example, an employment contract);
  • Documents confirming your address in France.


The price of the service - on request.