Preparation of a Residential Tenancy Agreement

General information

The question of how to legally register your residence in France is something each resident of this country will inevitably face. Even if you have already lived in a rented apartment and have experience of contracts of this kind, it is unlikely that you know all the subtleties of French legislation. It turns out that any point in the contract can have a significant impact on your future residence in the country.

In our practice, we have encountered cases, when, as a result of incorrect registration, the resident was refused the CAF tax deduction  or even a long-term visa prior to their arrival in France. Ultimately you can only lose precious time, money, wrack your nerves and essentially spoil your mood.

Quartier Latin cherishes the tranquility and well-being of its clients so if you have contacted us on the subject of renting an apartment in France , you can be absolutely sure that the documents have been properly executed and no problems could arise. If you are not our client, but you would like to receive advice on real estate matters, our specialists will help you to complete all the necessary paperwork.


  • It is guaranteed that you will correctly complete all the necessary documents;
  • Our specialists are able to perform any task in short time frames.


  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • Information on the rented premises and its owner;
  • A draft agreement (if it already exists) or a free-form explanatory letter with a brief description of the rental conditions.


The price of the service is 200 euros