Vacances-travail: Work in France

Go to France for a year, study the language, and earn some money: all of this is possible with the help of the program Vacances-Travail. This special type of internship should be chosen by those who are ready to make their lives more interesting for a few months or a little longer.

Don’t confuse the program Vacances-Travail with an au pair service or a professional internship in France: here you will be assigned seasonal or long-term work according to your skills and languages. This is paid work: participants receive SMIC (the minimum wage for labour in France: on average, 1480 euros before taxes), and dependent on the type of work and an agreement with the employer, salary plus gratuity. Additionally, some companies are ready to provide free housing and meals to participants of the program during their internships.

Quartier Latin will select an interesting and beneficial choice of internship in France and Europe and prepare documents for employment and the receipt of a Vacances-Travail visa. We will help with the drafting and translation of resumes into French and if necessary, with finding an apartment to rent. Our clients find work in Paris, the Cote d’Azur, or other regions of France, and receive our support not only before, but also after arrival.


  • Work experience abroad, which will spice up your resume
  • A simple way to travel through France and Europe
  • Your trip will pay for itself, and with the right choices, you will make money and end up in the black
  • You will see the country from the inside, as a local does


  • Age 18-30
  • A citizen of Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, North Korea, China, Chili, Colombia, Taiwan, Uruguay, or Mexico
  • Basic knowledge of French and/or other languages


1900 euros


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