Vacances-Travail: work in France

General information

Go to France for a year, study the language and earn some money: all of this is possible with Vacances-Travail, a programme for students looking for a job, also known as Work and Travel. 

Don’t confuse the programme Vacances-Travail with an au pair service or a professional internship in France; here you will be assigned a permanent, well-paid job. Participants receive the SMIC (the minimum wage in France: on average, 1200€ after taxes) plus tips. 

In some regions of France, employers of may also offer free accommodation and meals to the participants of the programme. This is why many of our customers choose to work on the periphery rather than in the capital itself. Thus, the Vacances-Travail programme becomes not only a wonderful experience and an opportunity to travel, but also a chance to earn some money. 

Usually, Vacances-Travail programmes offer jobs in the customer service sector: the most common one is working as a waiter, but you can also be a chef's assistant, a hotel receptionist or a shop assistant with a flexible schedule (35 to 40 hours a week).

The candidate receives a long-stay visa for 4 months, which is then renewed for up to one year.

Quartier Latin will offer you the most interesting internships in France and Europe amongst the available vacancies, will prepare the necessary documents for employment and will help you to obtain a Vacances-Travail visa and accommodation in France. Our clients find work in Paris, in Côte d'Azur or in other regions of France and receive our support not only before, but also after arrival.


  • A work experience abroad that will improve your CV.
  • An easy way to travel around France and Europe.
  • With a good job, not only will you be able to travel and work at the same time, but you will also save some money.
  • A perfect way to improve your spoken French. 


  • Age: 18-30 years.
  • Minimum level of French: B1. Proficiency in other languages is also highly valued.
  • Citizenship of one of the following countries: Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Korea, China, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, Uruguay or Mexico.
  • A scan of your international passport, a completed application form and a successful interview with one of our specialists. 

Price and payment plan

Total price of the service: 1900€
Examination of your file, interview with a representative of Quartier Latin, signature of the contract, prepayment 950€ (prepayment)

Selection of an employer, negotiation and final approval. 950€