AU-Pair programs

General information

These days, the Au Pair program is very popular in France. It allows foreign students aged 18-26 to live in French families and compensate for their accommodation by looking after children. As a result, foreign students have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the life of a French family, experience the culture of France and the peculiarities of living in this country.

Needless to say, the French don’t take just anyone to their home. If you want to look after children, experience as a teacher or nurse is a great advantage. In addition, the majority of the French have a very strong feelings for their native language and employ those who know it at least at a minimum level. However, it’s important not to generalise: some families gladly accept a foreigner in order to, in turn, improve their English.

The Au-Pair program offers an easy, but rather responsible job. Therefore, in order to create a positive impression with the host family, try to improve your dossier with all kinds of diplomas, awards, papers about your professional experience and a touching motivation letter.

What could be included in the responsibilities of an Au Pair? It’s unlikely that you will be entrusted the care of babies or very young children: in most cases, you will look after school-aged children. If you have a driving license, this will also be a big advantage, because you will have to take the kids to school or out on trips. You will also help them with their homework at home and organise their leisure time. In short, you will replace their parents while they are not at home.

Quartier Latin will help your to organise and collect all the necessary documents both before departure and during your stay in France, and find a suitable family offering a reliable and interesting part-time job.


  • The host family obliges to provide a personal room or a separate apartment and three meals a day;
  • In your free time, you can use any bonus of  EU citizen such as visiting places of interest, museums, or attending the language courses. In addition, you will have days off which you can dedicate to yourself;
  • By agreement with the host, you set the level of your monthly earnings. As a rule, the services sector in Europe is well paid.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • Several photos where you are smiling (passport format);
  • A copy of the birth certificate accompanied by a notarized translation;
  • A notarized copy of your diploma with the annex and their notarized translation into French (if you already have your diploma) and/or statement from your university report. It must cover your education from the first year and include the number of hours of study. It must also be translated and notarized;
  • A copy of your driving licence (if available);
  • A criminal record certificate showing no criminal conviction, translated into French;
  • A CV in French;
  • All available certificates confirming your knowledge of foreign languages;
  • A welcome letter in French addressed to your future family. Tell us about yourself: Your preferences, wishes, write why you chose France, etc. Describe your experience of working with children in as much detail as possible. The letter should not exceed one page;
  • A few personal photos where you are with your family, friends. Create a small portfolio with a brief description of the photos (city, events, names of friends, relatives, etc.) in French. Maximum 10 photos located on 2 pages;
  • A medical certificate (obtained less than 3 months ago) with a notary certified translation into French (use the Certificat Médical form);
  • Recommendations from 2 different families whose children you looked after (use the Child Care Reference application form. It must be filled in in English or French);
  • A Character Reference application form filled in by your employer or professor in French or in English.


The price of the service is 900 euros.