Registration of the CAF tax deduction

General information

France is a very social country. No wonder its motto is “Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood”. France has a large number of various allowances, scholarships, deductions and reimbursements that almost any resident or a citizen whose income does not exceed a certain level can apply for.

The CAF tax deduction is not an exception. Surprisingly, some students are either simply unaware of its existence or find it difficult to properly register and consequently gain access to it. There is a large list of restrictions, which outlines the list of situations not covered by the APL (aide personnalisée au logement) or any other allowance. You may decide for yourself that there is no hope for you or you fill in your dossier incorrectly and thus deprive yourself of monthly payments.

Quartier Latin helps its clients who used its services to find long-term housing to register free of charge and gain access to allowances. If you have already found an apartment or a residence by yourself, we can help with opening a bank account , obtaining scholarships , or any other issue, including the CAF allowance.

Entrust filling in the application form to professionals - the result of applying for the allowance may influence your future financial prosperity, at least for the coming year.


  • The allowance can cover an average of 20-30% of the rent. A good discount, isn’t it? In some cases, the CAF may cover half of the rental costs;
  • The CAF allowance is not only intended for students. You can read about all possible cases of social payments on the official CAF website or ask our managers.


  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • Your rental contract;


The price for registering for CAF alone is 200 euros.

The price for preparing the dossier is 400 euros. In this case, we stay in touch with you and, in contentious cases (for example, you have changed the conditions of your stay or you suddenly stopped receiving the allowance), we will give you a helping hand.