Obtaining medical insurance

General information

European medicine is considered to be one of the best in the world. Clinics in Switzerland and France are visited by thousands of foreigners annually who come to undergo examination or treatment. The qualifications of the specialists, quality of equipment and standard of service at health institutions in Europe really stand out. This concerns not only expensive private clinics but also public health institutions.

But you should pay for this quality: this applies to the French themselves and all visitors. Health care costs may be sky high. In order to avoid this, upon arrival in France, you must contact an insurance company to get a policy. There are other pitfalls associated with the complexity and the duration of the process: in some cases, visitors wait for insurance for more than a year.

There are two types of insurance, compulsory and voluntary. In the first case, the compulsory insurance policy partially covers your medical expenses; however, there is a list of cases that the insurance does not cover. And yet some universities require that students get this type of insurance even if they have purchased a paid package. This, as it happens, is the second kind of policy. It covers and deals with the majority of potential insurance claims. If you study at a private school, such as a business school, you may only need to get the second type of policy.

Getting the document you need is extremely difficult and the whole process takes a lot of time and effort. Quartier Latin will help you choose a good insurance company and arrange all the necessary documents. We will be by your for the whole process and are always willing to help and give advice on any important issue.


  • Medical insurance in France allows you to receive reimbursement for treatment and examination, which is reassuring;
  • An insurance policy is a mandatory requirement at most educational institutions;
  • A French insurance policy will reduce the costs of examination and treatment in the best clinics around the world.


  • The registration of a voluntary medical insurance costs 200 euros;
  • The registration of a compulsory medical insurance costs 400 euros.