Accommodation in a host family

General information

Most likel, you have already noticed how difficult it is for students to find suitable accommodation even in the biggest cities of France. Of course, first and foremost, the question of price is key but even this aspect isn’t the most difficult part of moving. Living independently means assuming full responsibility for yourself, your food, your lifestyle and heroically facing all difficulties alone.

For those who wish to see their child in a place where he or she will always be supervised and protected from pitfalls in life, there is a wonderful option: life in a French family.

The Quartier Latin database contains hundreds of trusted and reliable families. They are French families living in Paris and other big French cities, with comfortable apartments or houses and a stable social status. These friendly and open people will be more than just hospitable hosts - they are fully invested in creating safe and comfortable conditions for their guests.

There are different living conditions, as well as different families: we can offer accommodation both in aristocratic families or with an average French couple with or without children. The accommodation price depends on the area, where the apartment or the house is located, and conditions of housing: you can agree, for example, on full board. What’s more, the standard offer of staying with a French family ensures that you will have your own comfortable room with places to sleep and work, and, sometimes, with a private bathroom, as well as a daily breakfast.

Quartier Latin will help you to select a decent family. It will offer the best conditions for your situation and help with the registration of necessary documents. In addition, this service can be included in the language courses selection package .


  • Life in a foreign country is associated with a huge number of difficulties, misunderstandings and trials. Accommodation in a family somehow simplifies everything - the French are happy to help you understand the intricacies of life in a big city;
  • The best way to understand the peculiarities of French life is to experience them from the inside. No hotel or apartment can compare to the benefits of daily communication with "your" family;
  • You will not share a room with other students, pay bills or worry about taxes. Instead, you will get a place where you are always welcome surrounded by friends.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • A document certifying entry into a French educational institution or a request for assistance in its selection;
  • A brief description of yourself.


The price for selecting a long-term rental accommodation equals one month's rent + 20% VAT.

In other cases, price is upon request.