Language Schools

General information

Good knowledge of a foreign language, especially one such as French, offers advantages when job-seeking in your home country and vast opportunities to get higher education in France and other French speaking countries.

Undoubtedly, the most high-quality and effective education is to be had in France, having immersed yourself in the language environment, understood the mindset, studied the culture and the way of life of this beautiful country.

By studying any language, the best way to start speaking it is to come to a country where everyone speaks it. Some manage to go to France with the lowest level of French, in this case, they have to face many difficulties and misunderstanding, from attempts to order foie gras in a restaurant to an interview at the university. The “living” French on the street actually sometimes greatly differs from what is taught in other countries.

Language courses in France are a great alternative to travelling with a translation app. You won't have to contend with the difficulties of emigration and scramble through the language barrier, on the contrary: you'll be surrounded by a friendly, caring atmosphere of festive holidays. Furthermore, in addition to language courses, schools offer a number of extra lessons related to French culture, such as cooking or history courses. Some schools have their own "specific focus area", for example, while learning the language in a specialized children's camp, you will be offered to take part in a fascinating surfing course.

Language schools are located both in France and within Belgium, Switzerland and other francophone countries. Quartier Latin will help you choose a school that will suit you, will hold a consultation on the program as well as getting visa and will help go to an unfamiliar country with ease and comfort. Our Company cooperates with schools, whose teaching staff are professional FLE teachers (French as a foreign language), so you can be absolutely sure about the quality of the knowledge you’ll gain.

What could be better than spending time studying foreign language on a in comfortable circumstances in the company of interesting people, the best teachers and most beautiful landscapes? The intensity of classes ranges from 4 to 30 hours a week: you can choose the program that suits you best.


  • The maximum immersion into culture, which contributes to the rapid mastery of the French language;
  • A guarantee of safety during classes, a comfortable environment, a friendly team of teachers;
  • A flexible schedule allows you to travel around the country and, if desired, enroll in a university;
  • A large variety of additional classes that guarantee interesting leisure time.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • Details about your educational project: when would you like to go, for how long, to what city, what kind of budget you have to travel.


Selecting and enrolling in French language courses are rendered free, at the expense of our numerous partners.