Why should you embark on your education with us?

Quartier Latin Project has been in operation since 2012. In that time we have helped hundreds of people to fulfill their dream to study and settle in France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco. So why should you choose us?

There is a number of reasons:
Individual approach
First of all, we employ an individual approach. This is not merely empty words. We have a in-depth understanding of the study programs we offer so we can help you to compare them and choose the best option for you. We work with almost all of the educational institutions of the countries we deal with, yet we remain totally independent of them
Wide range of services
We can help you with more than just choosing a program: we assist with certified translation of documents, accommodation, visa issues, settlement upon arrival, professional internships while studying, etc. All this is down to our experience and established partnerships. Yet, equally we have
Niche expertise
It may sound strange but despite the wide range of services we offer, we are specialists in our field. Quartier Latin specializes in francophone Europe and Quebec therefore we know them inside out or, at least, almost every detail
We are real people
We have an office in central Paris, where you can pop in and get to know us personally, order a service and, of course, enjoy our famous coffee ☺ Our team is close-knit and multilingual. The Quartier Latin Team has been working together for several years now thus we are a professional, harmonious team
Solid and multilingual team
Our team have been working together for several years, which contributes to professionalism and coherence
The Quartier Latin is value for money
Thanks to our collaborative partnerships, we provide a number of services free of charge or for a nominal fee, including selecting and enrolling in language courses and providing accommodation in student residence