Buying real estate

General information

France is an amazing country in terms of its geographical location. It has coastline out onto the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In the South, the Pyrenees border with Spain and Andorra. In the East, the Alps separate the country from Italy and Switzerland. Majestic rivers flow through beautiful plains and mountains. Dotted along them are extremely beautiful castles.

France is famous its cities, take, for example, Paris! But, believe us, apart from Paris, in France, there are many other wonderful places to live and spend time: the cities of Côte d'Azur and small towns of Provence are already well-known, then there’s Strasbourg, the beautiful capital of Alsace, located on the border with Germany and a number of other beautiful cities.

There is no doubt that you will find a corners of this wonderful country where you will want to live or simply relax from the “madding crowd”!

Every year, an increasing number of savvy investors invest in French assets. Indeed, France is a very stable country with a stable economy and developed social system.

However, buying real estate in France is not an easy task. Even for French residents, it won’t be easy to cope with the paperwork and legal nuances, and a foreigner will definitely need professional help.

Quartier Latin is not a real estate agency, but we cooperate very closely with them. Our Company is happy to put you in contact with a reliable agency that you can trust. During the transaction, both we and the agency are ready to lend support at any time and for any questions. Among other things, we can help you with design, repair and any other related problems and questions.


  • Buying property in France, you become the owner of the prestigious and stable asset;
  • An apartment in Paris or Nice is not only an attribute of a high social status. It is a tool allowing you to earn a considerable extra income if you choose to rent it out;
  • Quartier Latin can put you in touch with real estate professionals completely free of charge. They will select various real estate options for you. Our partners are large agencies with a good reputation and a large base of options.


Selecting a real estate agency is free of charge. For further advice on buying real estate in France, please contact our manager (minimum price for consultation - 100 euros).