Certified translation of documents

General information

While drafting and putting together your dossier, you will encounter some specific features and requirements that cannot be bypassed. One of these requirements is that all documents must be translated into French.

After reading the information in other sections on our site, you have probably already realised how important it is to get official translations of all documents. A certified translation is a necessary condition both when applying for a visa and to an educational institution in France.

There are several options for translation into French:

  • Translation made in your home country and officially certified by a notary. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way, but it will only be valid on the territory of the country where the translation was made.
  • Translation with apostille. This form of documentation will be valid both in your home country when you submit documents but also upon arrival at your destination.
  • Translation of documents, made in France. It is the most reliable translation that will be valid both in France and abroad.

Do not trust the translation of your documents to non-professionals. An ordinary linguist will not be able to cope with the challenge: translation of official documents should be carried out by a certified, chartered translator.

Allow us to save you time. We offer certified translation services: your documents will be translated in the shortest time frames by our professional chartered translators.


  • It saves you time: our specialists complete tasks as quickly as possible;
  • It saves you money: we will advise you which translation is more suitable for your case and you won't have to spend money on it again.


Translation of a diploma - 55 euros

Translation of the annex to a diploma - 100 euros

Translation of a birth certificate - 50 euros

Translation of other documents - upon request.