Save this entertainment programme on your wall!

1. Visit Dumas

Almost all museums in Paris are free, and those that are not free for tourists are often free for students. Visit the Museum of Modern Art or the Pantheon to tip your hat to the Curies or Alexander Dumas.

2. Darken a church door...

Churches and cathedrals. What would we do without them? Some, incidentally, have an entrance fee for tourists. But if you are interested in the famous Notre Dame, you are very lucky. You can visit it absolutely free!

3. Wine with a view of the Eiffel Tower

Want to enjoy free wine in the heart of Paris? Easily! We’ll let you in on a secret: not far from the Eiffel Tower, there is often ship at a nearby jetty. It holds wine-tasting session on board where you can try wine from all over France. Winemakers come here to establish deliveries to local restaurants or sell wines to rich tourists. But anyone can taste the wine on offer! The key is not to overdo it and keep pretending to be a connoisseur.

4. Water is the foundation of life

Drinking water in Paris runs from any tap, even on the street. Feel free to pour yourself a whole bottle, like a real Parisian!

5. Inside view: restaurants and cafes

If you really want to visit a French café, go as far as possible and find a table in a cozy corner. The closer to the main street - the higher the price!