Assistance in drafting cover letters

General information

If, while obtaining a visa or when applying, you encounter unpleasant difficulties, such as security fees or collecting mandatory documents, this is a problem. Alas, it's a sure way to increase your chance of receiving a visa or a admission refusal. To avoid this, you can explain your disputable situation in a cover letter. Attaching it to your dossier, you will explain to the Visa Center why your documents look the way they do.

It may come as a surprise but the French Government and administrative institutions of Europe really read your cover letter. Most likely, some concessions will be made for you if you manage to present your thoughts on paper correctly and with the knowledge of the unique aspects of the European mentality.

Of course, the initiative must come solely from you: the final result depends only on your wishes. Quartier Latin offers help in writing cover letters and other documents so that the letter is properly executed, structured, written in a good French and really conveys your thoughts.


  • You don’t have to include a cover letter in your dossier, but it is highly desirable especially if your issue may be seen as disputable. A good letter can increase your chances of getting a visa;
  • Don't worry about your language knowledge: our specialists will translate your cover letter into good French.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • No one can describe your life better than you yourself. Therefore, if a disputable situation is caused by difficulties in collecting documents or any other reasons, you should first provide everything you need to confirm your situation in a formal way and describe what has happened.


The price of the service is 200 euros