Checking documents before submission

General information

When we receive the dossier of an applicant who was denied a student visa, we almost immediately know the reason for the refusal. Our years of working in this area mean we have examined this issue from many angles, met the most unusual cases and heard the most unlikely stories. Sometimes the applicant, when putting together his or her dossier from different pieces, does not see the most obvious mistakes, whereas the slightest little thing can lead to a visa or admission refusal and the applicant then has to go through the entire process again.

To avoid that situation, we always recommend that our customers have their dossier checked by a third person before submitting it. This person or organisation deals with this on a professional level. Your teachers may have outdated information, and information on consulting sites on the Internet can be simply erroneous.

Each country has its own individual set of requirements, supplemented by a bunch of subtle nuances.

Let your dossier be checked by professionals: it’s be better to hear comments from us than get a negative response from the Consulate! And if you went ahead independently and received an unwanted refusal - welcome to the Pro-section .


  • We do everything so that your dossier meets the requirements for obtaining a visa, taking its individual characteristics into account;
  • If necessary, we will contact the Visa Center for advice on your issue;
  • You will get both comments on your dossier as well as advice at every stage of its compilation.


  • All the documents for your visa in good quality and PDF format. Documents should be provided in chronological order, as they will be submitted (it is also possible to provide paper copies personally in the Paris Office or by mail).


The price of the service is 400 euros.