Invitations for students and parents

General iformation

Before heading to France, you have to solve a lot of organizational issues associated with getting a French visa, selecting accommodation and choosing an educational institution. Dealing with these details from outside the country is rather hard. Quartier Latin is your “eyes” and “hands” here in France. Our “eyes” see the whole picture of your needs and our “hands” successfully find the right solutions for you.

However, if part of the aim you’ve set yourself involves you getting to know this magical country yourself, personally choosing a university and your future apartment, meeting acquaintances, and, ultimately, just drinking coffee in our office, we are ready and willing to help you organise a friendly visit.

In such cases, we send an invitation letter to our customers: this paper significantly simplifies the process of obtaining a French visa and you can come to France as easily as just going to the countryside for the weekend.

Invitations are issued for a fixed term and can be valid for one year, for example. This gives you more than enough time to deal with any organisational issues associated with finding housing, selecting a university or university courses. In addition, when in France, you can meet some new, useful acquaintances and establish contacts, which is always worth doing!


  • You get to know us personally and therefore receive full and detailed advice on all matters concerning your move;
  • You significantly simplify the process of obtaining a visa: as a matter of fact, the invitation reduces the chance of failure to zero (if documents are properly filled out and there are no other problems);
  • During your stay in France, you will be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the country, and, most importantly, see the place where you will study, its surroundings, and even have the opportunity to get to know your teachers;
  • Cooperating with us means searching for housing in France is risk-free. Still, you'll certainly want to meet the owner of the apartment or the family that will host your child during his or her studies.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • A statement confirming your intention to study in France or a signed contract with Quartier Latin.


The service fee is 200 euros for an invitation for 1 person. The service is free to customers that have bought our VIP package.