Getting a visa after a refusal

General information

So, you have been refused a visa. We understand your condition. Believe us, it is no reason to give up. You can apply for a visa again, but let's first examine what the problem actually is.

The reasons for visa refusal are almost never revealed in detail by the Consulate. It may be due to incorrect proof of sufficient funds, incomplete set of documents or incorrect completion of any French visa application forms. The visa application center may have questions about your place of residence in France or about your guarantor in France. By the way, for each of the above items, there is an introductory article on our site.

What should you do? Submit your documents again! Our experience has shown that resubmitted dossiers are evaluated more carefully so you should pay attention to all possible details and eliminate all the controversial points in your dossier.

If you want to enjoy a state of calm while your documents are under the close inspection of French Consulate staff, contact us for the checking documents before submission service. You may look at your dossier and not notice obvious mistakes, which we can easily help you to correct.


  • We do everything so that your dossier meets the requirements for obtaining a visa, taking its individual characteristics into account;
  • If necessary, we will contact the university or the owner of your housing for advice on your issue;
  • You will get both comments on your dossier as well as advice at every stage of its compilation.


  • All the documents for your visa in good quality and PDF format. Documents should be provided in chronological order, as they will be submitted (it is also possible to provide paper copies personally in the Paris Office or by mail).


The price of the service is 1000 euros. If, upon submitting the dossier, you still have a refusal - Quartier Latin will compensate you 50% of the advance payment (500 euros). The price includes drawing up a cover letter.