Preparing for your visa interview

General information

The process of filing documents for the visa is quite nerve-wracking. At the most crucial moment, when you have all the documents and you are at the visa application center standing in a queue, it is very easy to get confused and completely forget about certain nuances.

The interview is one of the stages of obtaining a French visa. In some cases, you may be asked questions regarding your place of study or stay, your funds,whether you have a bank account. Questions may be absolutely different, and any sphere of your life may be of interest to the specialist. This particularly concerns cases where your situation is not considered standard and there are some deviations from the requirements that you explained in your cover letter .

In this case, your answer is rather important. If it seems unpersuasive or implausible, your application will likely be considered and evaluated with special attention, and it can lead to a number of consequences. Therefore, to any, even the most difficult questions, we suggest that you respond honestly and openly, if necessary, fully explain the situation. Quartier Latin will help you correctly express your idea and structure the jumble of thoughts in your head.

Our Company offers a service to help you prepare for the interview with the officer at the visa application center. Analysing your dossier, we will immediately understand what questions might arise. Figuratively speaking, we help to correctly express your thoughts and "train" you to answer difficult questions. This strategy will allow you to feel confident and can probably increase the chance of obtaining a visa. 


  • A test interview helps you to prepare yourself fully for the real interview, gives you confidence and relaxation;
  • Awareness of the most cunning and tricky questions will allow you to easily circumvent the tricks of the specialists during the interview;
  • A successful interview increases your chances of getting a visa. 


  • Full package of documents for your visa in good quality and PDF format. Documents should be provided in chronological order, as you will submit them (it is also possible to transfer the paper copies in person in the Paris Office or by mail).
  • Details about your plans, goals, opportunities to settle in France. 


The price of the service is 100 euros.