First doctor’s appointment

General information

In difficult situations, when you really need to visit the doctor and you are in a foreign country surrounded by strangers, it can be really uncomfortable. Usually, it is not necessary to call a doctor to your home in Paris or other big cities: most likely, the doctor works nearby. However, situations could differ and we are here to listen and do everything possible so that you are not left alone in a stressful situation.

The cost of a doctor’s appointment can vary depending on their qualifications, the level of the clinic and complexity of treatment. It may be enough to see a general practitioner once, who will prescribe the necessary medication and treatment or appoint additional procedures and direct to other specialists.

It’s a well known fact that medicine in France is expensive, though its quality is world-renowned. If you want your treatment costs to be partially refunded, you need to take out French health insurance.

It is better to take care of these matters in advance. Contact our experts to let them know what’s happening and describe the situation. Our staff will take you to the doctor when necessary, help you with translation and will be with you during the whole treatment process, if required.


If you have a chronic diseases or predisposition to certain diseases, it is better to take care of your health in advance. Please contact us, providing certificates and other documentation on the disease so that our specialists can register you. When seeing a doctor, it is also useful to have:

  • Translated documents on immunization;
  • Translated medical certificates;
  • Medical insurance.


The price of the service is 200 euros.