Secondary education


Completing secondary education in France means taking the first step in an interesting life full of brilliant experiences. A large variety of private and public schools, support for talented students, lots of interesting extra-curricular activities and, of course, the undeniable quality of European education - all that can be a part of your child's development. In addition, private schools in Paris and throughout France are highly prestigious: the elite from the whole Europe studies there. Rest assured that you will find yourself the right company!

If you want to give your child the opportunity to be educated in a developed, exciting and culturally rich language environment, schools in France are exactly what you need. We will help you take this important step with ease and confidence. Quartier Lain cooperates with a number of world-class schools in francophone Europe that deliver high standards of education. We will help you understand the complex French education system, find housing, provide airport transfers and any informational support throughout your stay in France.


  • The academic base of European schools has a long history and is the international standard of brilliant education in most countries;
  • Education in a French school involves the deep and versatile study of core subjects and a wide variety of optional classes;
  • International students, an intercultural environment and bilingual education allow you to not only explore the history and culture of France, but French school graduates are also erudite and socially developed people, well-versed in history, linguistics, international relations;
  • A high school diploma in France is a pass to the best universities of Paris and throughout Europe.


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