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Learn the art of cooking with world-famous French cooks, becoming an expert in winemaking, learn pottery - if you've always dreamed of becoming a top-class expert in any craft, professional education in France is the key to your success.

These specialized courses attract people from all over the world. What’s more, the scope of vocational education is very extensive. You’ll be able to fulfill your dream in any professional area, whether it be public services, art, cooking or winemaking. In France, there are almost 1500 types of professional diplomas - you can be sure this list includes a specialization that interests you.

Taking professional courses in France is probably the best thing you can do for a successful career in your field. French professional diplomas are highly valued around the world, so you are likely to get the job of your dreams in your native country. Both professional cooks looking to enhance their skills and graduates who want to expand the horizons of their capabilities embark on these courses. What’s more, people often come to France to learn about the secrets of gastronomy and culinary arts and go on to open their own French restaurant.


  • Vocational education in France is open to people with any level of education. Both school leavers and university graduates: French or foreign;
  • Education includes not only theory, but also practice, namely an internship at the most interesting places in France and abroad;
  • Pupils and students come from all over the world to hear about French cooking, winemaking and fashion first hand;
  • Education often takes place in small groups, which allows each student to count on an attentive individual approach;
  • French professional diplomas are highly valued around the world and open the doors to the biggest companies.

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