Preparatory courses


After finishing studies at college and lycée, school leavers aspire to enroll (the French call it “signing up”) in university. This term was not chosen by chance: indeed, admission to French universities is nothing but submitting documents, signing up and waiting for selection. This applies to all public universities, where tuition is free and selection is based on the dossier of potential students.

However, things are a bit different when it comes to the world-renowned Grandes Ecoles. This education is prestigious for both foreigners and the French. The largest and most promising companies in Frances and the whole of Europe are seeking to employ graduates from the Grandes Ecoles. High standards, strict selection and difficult entrance exams - that’s what you will face when applying to a prestigious School. Therefore, applicants often require special preparation - for this there are so-called classes préparatoires.

Applicants for preparatory classes also undergo selection. Enrolling in Prépas virtually guarantees your subsequent admission to university. Studying on preparatory courses allows students to master the academic foundation, whereas further studies at university give the opportunity to focus on specialised subjects in-depth.

Finally, it is worth noting that these preparatory training courses are highly recommended for those who seriously intend to pursue a successful career in medicine. Admission to medical universities in Europe is an extremely difficult process, which requires serious preparation. For the guarantee of a well-off future and being hired for positions in the best clinics in the world, for example Swiss clinic, it’s worth putting in this initial leg-work.


  • The best preparation for prestigious universities, that can be found almost nowhere else;
  • In-depth study of the French language and rapid, immediate immersion in French culture;
  • If you happen to fail the entrance exam for your university of choice after completing preparatory class (entrants are given a minimum of a further two attempts to pass the following year), the mere fact that you have studied on courses allows you to enroll in any French university.

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