Grandes Ecoles


If you don't know anything about world famous Grand Ecoles then you know nothing about education in France!

The most prestigious, the best, and the most in-demand specializations are taught there. Holders of diplomas from the Grandes Ecoles include French Presidents, functionaries, leading economists and all those in positions of power in France. Admission to a university automatically makes you a part of the elite of French society and opens almost any door in France and around the world.

The Grand Ecoles include universities that specialize in exact sciences, literature, philosophy or management. An engineering diploma obtained at one of the Grandes Ecoles makes you one of the best specialists in the country and a member of the elite Grandes Ecoles alumni community.

It comes as no surprise that the process of applying to and getting accepted at a Grande Ecole is quite complicated. Even the French or foreigners with perfect French find it difficult.

You will be faced with a complex selection process, which includes difficult entrance exams among other challenges. Therefore, there are special preparatory courses for university entrance in France . More information about them can be found on our website.

At the end of the prépas, you will need to pass the entrance exam to the Grande Ecole. This can be taken remotely or in France. There are several phases - le concours d'entrée en écoles après une prépa and admission parallèle, which takes place during the 3rd or 4th year of study. Good results in this competition means enrollment in the Grande Ecole but to achieve this, you need to attend preparatory courses for at least two years (and sometimes more).

If you can't enrol in preparatory courses or do not wish to try your hand at studying at one of the Grandes Ecoles, you can enroll in a special Business School. These institutions have similar programs with Grandes Ecoles but it is much easier to get into them. For more information about Business Schools, read a separate article on paid higher education in France.


  • Diplomas from the Grande Ecoles are valued around the world and are considered to be one of the best in Europe;
  • Education there includes not only theory, but also practice, namely internships with the most interesting companies and organisations in France and abroad;
  • After finishing prépa, you will significantly increase your chances of admission to the Grandes Ecoles. In turn, after graduating from the Grandes Ecoles, you are virtually guaranteed employment in a prestigious and well-paid job.


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