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If you are going to France, you need to have a basic level of French for the purposes of communicating, doing paperwork, applying for travel cards etc. You will need it in general for everyday life. However, if you doubt that your level is enough to acquire a higher education degree, Latin Quarter will help you find a program in English.

Such courses do not exist in all universities and they are more difficult to enroll in because there are a lot of people who want to study in English. There are programs in English provided by both public and private Universities, with the only difference being that public universities offer such programs only for students pursuing a master's degree. Private universities and Business Schools, on the other hand, have such programs for students pursuing both master's and bachelor's degrees.

Meanwhile, the program itself is almost identical to the French one. The requirements applied to students are the same and the information taught is identical, however, one must bear in mind that in order to be able to study at the University, the level of English proficiency must also be of a high enough standard. You will have to take exams and participate in seminars, so make sure that you have attained a good enough level of English, so that there would not be a language barrier between you and the teacher.

Programs taught in English have a large number of advantages. Your groupmates are guests of the country, just like you, and you will have many topics to discuss, a lot of information to exchange, and plenty of reasons to help each other. Groups that study in English form a certain social circuit at universities in France, they are a delegation of foreigners that attracts the attention of the locals, who take an interest in their guests and are always ready to help.


  • The level of education in France is on a par with the UK standards or those of Germany, and
    it is much cheaper to have courses in English there, than in other countries;
  • By the end of your training, not only will you have perfect English, but also your French is
    bound to get better, for it becomes a part of your life and your vocabulary, whether you want
    it to or not;
  • Globalization has made English an international language, so you can easily communicate
    not only with your groupmates, but also with the French themselves and build an
    international network of acquaintances from all over the world.

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