Work and Travel

General information

If you've always dreamed of Europe but are afraid to punch a hole in your budget - there is a solution! You live in a century where enterprising travelers have invented and organised a way to travel without doing too much damage to your wallet, and, in fact, even earning as you explore.

In this article, we will talk about world-famous Work and Travel programs.

These internships are designed for those who are interested in a seasonal job abroad. The job chosen for you will be simple - don’t expect to become the executive director. However, you can easily find a job at a hotel reception, as a waiter in a restaurant or receptionist at a beauty salon. Work and Travel programs are designed primarily for students. They are not intended to bring you great earning, but reduce costs to the minimum. However, there have been cases where working travellers remained "in the black".

Of course, the salary and the complexity of the job will depend on your dossier. The higher your professional experience, personal competence and knowledge of the language, the more chances you have of finding an interesting position.

American and European companies are typically happy to participate in seasonal internship programs. However, it should be borne in mind that the number of proposals is limited, and you will be not necessarily “assigned” to the country where you would like to go.

Quartier Latin assists you in selecting a position, compiling a dossier and finding a suitable program. We try to take into account all your wishes, from salary to place of residence, and prepare your dossier so that it looks as attractive as possible to a future employer.


  • Useful work experience abroad, which will greatly improve your CV;
  • You will not only significantly reduce the costs of moving and accommodation, but even more than reimburse them, gaining the opportunity to leave a surplus in the family balance;
  • Work and Travel programs are enjoyed by thousands of students worldwide on an annual basis. Not only do you become part of a friendly community, but you also get unique intercultural experience;
  • Selecting flexible working hours, you will be able to explore the sights and experience the atmosphere of the country you have moved to. In terms of France, in summer, internships are available on the Cote d'Azur, and in winter, you will be able to enjoy the vast expanses of the Alps. What could be better?


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • You must be student (your university acts as the third party signing documents on employment);
  • A certificate of proficiency in the French language (level not lower than B1), knowledge of English is desirable;
  • A well-written CV, motivation letter and annex to the dossier.


The registration in a program for up to three months costs 800 euros, prepayment of 200 euros;

The registration in a program lasting more than three months costs 900 euros.