Professional internships

General information

An internship in a French or European company is more than just a plus for your CV. It is, above all, great experience of staying in a country with another mindset, other social and professional standards, a huge range of new acquaintances and one of the best ways to improve your French, taking it to a whole new level.

You can go on an internship both as student of a European university and from your native country. Moreover, internships are a mandatory part of the educational process at any French university. Master students are required to undergo an internship in the first and second years of studying and the results of this experience contribute of their diploma.

Usually, an internship lasts from 1 to 6 months. The total duration depends both on the requirements of university (which sets the minimum threshold of days worked) and on the requirements of the labour legislation (according to which there is a restriction on the maximum number of working hours per week). In this case, having concluded the agreement with the company, you can extend your internship for an agreed period if your visa covers all the dates you plan to stay in France.

Searching for a suitable internship is not an easy task. Think about it: both French students themselves and students from all over the world are looking to secure places on internships. However, the offer of internships on the market, particularly interesting ones, is extremely limited. Quartier Latin will help you to rise to this challenge and choose an internship that most suits your education, encourages maximum professional growth, and fully meets your personal ambition to find a comfortable workplace in a prestigious European company.


  • Documented experience in a foreign company;
  • New knowledge and valuable skills acquired in the process of working and communicating with colleagues;
  • The possibility to travel around Europe and meet representatives of European companies, establish useful contacts and make good acquaintances.


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • You must be student (your university acts as the third party signing documents on employment);
  • A certificate of proficiency in the French language (level not lower than B1), knowledge of English is desirable;
  • A well-written CV, motivation letter and annex to the dossier.


The price of the service is 2100 euros, prepayment of 200 euros.