French via Skype

General information

Learning French is easy. Find someone who teaches it well - that is difficult! It is well known that French is a language of culture, fashion, style and sports, and maybe you've always wanted to speak the language of Dumas. What about if you want to go to France? It is unlikely that an ordinary teacher from a Russian school has the same knowledge about the country as a native French citizen. Our Company offers you to take advantage of modern and successful methods of learning a foreign language as French such as courses via Skype with native speakers - who have studied the Russian language themselves.

Language learning with a native speaker, who is, at the same time, professional FLE teacher (French as a foreign language), will bring you instantly closer to understanding not only grammar and vocabulary, but also the cultural peculiarities of France reflected in the language. Communicating with a native speaker will expand your vocabulary with some up-to-date expressions used spontaneously by the French in their every-day speech. You will comprehend French speech much faster and better, avoiding many problems faced by people studying on "academic" records by the classic method of listening. Seeing as our teachers speak Russian, they will give you all the necessary explanations, citing examples from your mother tongue, that will greatly facilitate the process of understanding of linguistic nuances.

We will help you to find the perfect teacher and guarantee that the program will be built to suit your specific situation and your goals. Our teachers work with students of any level and can prepare you to pass any of the tests (DELF, DALF and others) and completely eliminate the language barrier allowing you to freely speak French, understand native speakers regardless of their dialect and be understood.

Our teachers offer a unique service - classes with students via Skype in all disciplines, and a high level of knowledge of what is required for the French BAC exam and getting into French universities. This solution is the answer to a lot of problems and strengthens the position of those who already know exactly what they want to study in France after graduating from school.  Feel the charm of France without leaving home!


  • Communicating with one real French person is already much better than communicating with a non-French person even if they do know French very well. No one will teach you the most up-to-date expressions, rules and peculiarities of the language as a native speaker can;
  • You don’t just cram vocabulary. During a conversation, you'll learn the intricacies of life in France, get to know the mindset of inhabitants of this country and, of course, make a friend!
  • Classes via Skype cost considerably less than tutoring. In addition, you can learn the language, without leaving home and without being distracted by other students.


  • Desire to learn French;
  • Availability of stable Internet connection (as well as a computer, a microphone and a webcam).


The price for one class is 20 euros.

When purchasing ten classes or more, the price for each is 15 euros.