Filling in the application form

General information

France is notorious for its bureaucratic system. A love for official papers, filling in various documents and a multi-tired hierarchy are in the French blood. Be prepared that getting a travel pass in Paris could easily take a month, or the fact that you will have to open an account in a local bank and possible more in order to get a permanent SIM card.

Needless to say, when applying and moving, you will have to fill out a fairly large number of various forms and applications. Securing a place in a student residence in Paris, preparing documents to rent an apartment, applying for a long-stay visa in France - all this is impossible without an official confirmation of your intent.

Applications and forms vary and have their own unique requirements. Even a small error towards the very end of the process, can set you back a few steps. Quartier Latin will provide assistance in obtaining any documents and holding consultation with experts on filling in a wide range of application forms. Our company provides informational support, both remotely and personally, so that you don't have to traverse this bureaucratic ocean alone.


  • Guaranteed error-free completion of a wide range of application forms of any complexity and for any purpose;
  • Speed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will get your properly completed application form, even in the most urgent of cases;
  • If you take all the application forms that we have filled in over the course of the whole process, put them in a pile and stand on the top of it, your hand will be able to reach the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Don't worry, if you feel your case is "special". We know all there is to know about France, or almost everything, remember?


  • A completed application form;
  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • Any other information which is required for the case in hand.


The price of the service will depend on the size of work completed. Minimum order – 100 euros.