Preparing for a university interview

General information

One of the important stages of applying to virtually any educational institution of France is the interview with its representative. It is particularly common for interviews to be conducted while applying to universities, and if you plan to study at Business School, this will be a compulsory step.

In general, the French are friendly and peaceful people who understand how nervous you are. They really don't like to create discomfort for anyone else, and therefore, they will smile and approvingly shake their head looking at you from the computer monitor (most often, the interview is conducted via Skype).

However, you should not relax. The representative of the university will ask questions about your plans, goals and achievements. It is important to convey what aspirations, dreams you have and what type of person you are. 

It is reasonable to assume that they are not doing this out of idle curiosity. All other things being equal, the impression you make on the specialist during the interview can be a deciding factor of your enrollment in the university. You should answer their questions truthfully and confidently. Bear in mind that the higher the status of the educational institution, the more tricky questions could be.

No one except you will be able to honestly and confidently handle the interview stage, but Quartier Latin will help you to understand the subtleties and pitfalls that await you. We can undertake a test interview and check your answers. It will be excellent preparation for the upcoming important dialogue.


  • A test interview helps you to prepare yourself fully for the real interview, gives you confidence and relaxation; 
  • Awareness of the most cunning and tricky questions allows you to easily bypass the tricks the specialists send your way during the interview;
  • A successful interview increases your chances of admission to the university.  


  • Information about the university and the program that you are planning to enrol on;
  • A motivation letter ;
  • Details about your plans, goals, opportunities to settle in France. 


The price of the service is 200 euros