Selecting and applying for a scholarship

General information

The French government take care of gifted students or those who have low incomes, so that they are not left without the allowances, rewards and social benefits at their disposal. Therefore, there is a fairly long list of various French scholarships that virtually any student could apply for.

Applications for scholarships are considered by a competent commission, so try to prepare well, collect the necessary documents, check them thoroughly and write a good motivation letter  to increase the chances of being granted allowances. 

Of course, no one can guarantee a positive answer to your request before the official decision is made by the commission. Be wary of anyone who claims the contrary. The only thing you can do is to trust professionals to check your documents and that your thoughts have been laid out coherently.

Quartier Latin helps students to navigate among the many different kinds of scholarships on offer and to choose the one that best suits their specific case. We provide documentation support and help you to confidently assert yourself.

We also help students and other residents of France with registering the CAF tax deduction. Read about this so cial benefit in a separate article.


  • Our experts will advise you on the type of scholarship that is the best option for you; 
  • The time frame of submitting documents and waiting for a response is significantly reduced; 
  • Correct documents could increase the chance of a positive response on the scholarship. 


  • A scan of the first page of your international passport; 
  • A CV (composed yourself or with the help of our company); 
  • A draft version of a motivation letter, compiled in writing or orally. It is important for us to know your opinion on why you deserve a particular scholarship; 
  • Information about your educational institution in France. 


Managing issues on obtaining scholarships - 400 euros.

If the result is positive, Quartier Latin is entitled to a monthly commission of 10% of the amount of the scholarship received.