Requirements for long-term lease


One of the biggest problems facing students today, especially those who want to study in another country, is selecting housing.

Unfortunately, not all French universities can provide a room in a student residence, and even if they can, they do it for a limited number of people, and, as a result, a lot of students have to rent an apartment, a studio or a room themselves.

It is difficult to do it remotely for obvious reasons: it is difficult to assess the real condition of premises, house, price, and sometimes even to choose the appropriate district! 

But this isn’t the biggest problem you’ll face: correctly selecting and processing documents is the difficulty that is initially underestimated when looking for housing but after coming up against it, very often people simply cannot find a solution. Therefore, all the time and efforts put in on selecting housing are wasted and the deal is not concluded. 

In France there is a quite complicated system by which the future tenant is obliged to prove his or her solvency and present documents that guarantee it. These include:

  • Surety. This involves a French citizen who has an income of at least three times more than the monthly rental cost becoming your guarantor. If you, for whatever reason, stop paying, they will completely cover the cost of your accommodation;
  • Bank guarantee. This is the second way to ensure your commitments. It is issued by the Bank. This system involves opening a French bank account with a reserve sum equal to the annual rental cost. During the year, you have no right to use this money and, at the same time, continue to pay rent;
  • Prepayment in advance. This means that an amount equal to the annual rent is put in a bank account and part of it is deducted on a monthly basis. If you want to leave the apartment and terminate the contract, you must inform the owner one month in advance (or the period specified in the contract), and the rest of the sum will be returned to you.

These requirements are quite onerous. However, thanks to our business contacts, Quartier Latin offers the possibility of renting under more relaxed conditions. The owners who we cooperate with understand the difficulties of foreign students, that is why they often make some concessions. The same applies to private residences.

Don’t forget that students and some other groups of citizens have the right to social housing payments - known as CAF (Caisse d'allocations familiales).


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