9 Six Reasons Why You Don't Feel Progress when Learning French


Six Reasons Why You Don't Feel Progress when Learning French:

1. You don't devote enough time to lessons and training

When studying any language, the most fundamental factor is time spent by you on "training" your brain to use the language. Make French lessons a part of your daily routine, develop the habit of naming everyday things in French. While brushing your teeth, count from one to one hundred in French, and name the ingredients you use to cook dinner aloud.

2. You learn French passively

Even if you watch French films and read the news, you are increasing your so-called "passive" language vocabulary. This a very valuable asset but so that it can give you the desired results, you need to "talk it through". Therefore, talk in French at every opportunity. It is a good idea to find a pen pal or a friend to talk via Skype.

3. You do not analyse or use the knowledge you've learned

The worst thing that can happen to any student – in six months you will forget everything you have learned in a month. To avoid this, try to use every topic you studied in practice.

4. You rely too much on your own native language 

You think in Russian. Stop doing that!
Do you know how your head works? When you need to say something, you firstly mentally formulate a phrase in Russian, then you intensely translate it into French, translating each word separately. You then say this translated set of words, hastily smoothed with all your knowledge of verb conjugation and use of conjunctions.
It is time to change this strategy: a phrase should pop up in your head entirely, at once. To do this, try to memorize whole sentences and set expressions instead of words and speak, speak and speak in French more!

5. You are you constantly focused on your mistakes 

Every second, you frantically think, what ending you should apply, what gender is this noun and what form of the verb should I use? Yes, it is much harder for perfectionists to learn languages: the person you're talking to will simply fall asleep while your internal translator tries to conjugate a verb. Try to flounder at your grammatical errors less, don't correct yourself – the person you're talking to will understand you anyway and the tension in the conversation will be decreased.

6. You know that you speak French quite well

And you are really calm about your progress. We are sorry to disappoint you but learning a foreign language is practically endless. If you have not been brought up in France then you will always have something to learn. We will tell you a secret: even the director of Quartier Latin, who has been living in Paris for probably eight years, makes funny mistakes sometimes and fails to find the right word from time to time.

In our next article, if the editor does not get fired, we will tell you about some small tricks that will accelerate your progress in French without tedious cramming!


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