The map of kisses


The map of kisses: how many times should you kiss when you meet someone?

For those who have lived in France for a while, it has long been clear that French people often kiss each other on the cheek during the greeting.

Interestingly, even the French themselves do not always know how many times you have to kiss. This tradition differs depending on the region.
"If you do not know when to stop, awkward situations may arise. Or, what happens when your lips are about to touch the other cheek?" said Gilles Debunne, computer engineer.

To understand this issue, the programmer has created an interactive map of kisses in France, where you can define the number of times to "peck" your interlocutor when meeting and avoid getting caught in an awkward position:

Do not forget, however, that kissing is acceptable between acquaintances, friends, fellow students, but at a business meeting or a job interview, it is better to stick to a handshake.



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