How to start speaking French


How to start speaking French as soon as possible:

1. Immerse yourself in the language environment

Of course, the best way to get started in French is go to France! Language schools, classes with a tutor or at universities in the language environment will get you speaking for sure!

2. Watch movies with subtitles

Better yet: every day and in French of course. Get “hooked” on any French TV series or simply rewatch the cinematic masterpieces that France has in abundance.

3. Find a pen pal

These days the concept of “pen pals” is pretty outdated. Modern technology means you can get online and find yourself a "Skype pal". Which is even better!

4. Learn French cuisine

While putting in the effort to prepare a true French dish, you'll also learn the language! Julienne, gratin, blanquette, cassoulet - all these words are important not so much for your vocabulary, but for honing your pronunciation skills and "getting used" to French slang.

5. Do it with us!

Quartier Latin publishes the most useful news and rules of the French language! However, don’t forget: no matter how good your teacher or tutor was back in your high school days or even how fantastic our content is, when you arrive in France or start speaking to a native French speaker, you’ll realize that you’ve forgotten absolutely everything! So, ultimately, there is nothing better than following the first point :)


Downtown or in the suburbs?

By paying just 50-100 euros more per month, you can live in the city center. Is it worth it? Let's look into it.

The map of kisses

For those who have lived in France for a while, it has long been clear that French people often kiss each other on the cheek during the greeting.