Searching for a guarantor in France

General information

The question that worries most entrants - how can I find a guarantor in France?

Indeed, how can a foreign student find a person, a permanent resident of France, with their own housing, CDI contract and with a salary three times the monthly rental cost of the future apartment? Moreover, it is believed that the guarantor, should ideally have a certain degree of kinship with you.

For some it may be simply impossible yet a guarantor is a mandatory condition for renting an apartment in France. What should you do?

If you are lucky to find a person ready to act as your guarantor, through friends or on the Internet, Quartier Latin is ready and willing to offer assistance in the verification of their documents. This may be important for both you as the future student and the guarantor, as they assume material liability from the moment they sign the corresponding agreement. Ultimately, both sides are invested in not having any problems with the paperwork.

And yet, the main objective of our company is to relieve you from troubles and problems, and therefore, if you experience considerable difficulties finding a guarantor in France, we can help resolve this issue. Our database contains owners of apartments who are more tolerant to the availability of a guarantor and are willing to make concessions. Some of them have cooperated for a long time with Quartier Latin so they are sure in our clients and totally confident in their cleanliness.

Thus, we deal with selecting housing in France  with both comfortable living conditions and friendly owners.


To find a fair guarantor in France is not so simple. Therefore, please contact our managers in order to work out your situation and find out more about the possible solutions and the list of required documents.


The price for the service is on request.