Utility connections

General information

So, the hardest part is behind you. You receive an invitation from a university, you move to France, leave the airport, find the right address, carry all your suitcases through a narrow stairway, close the door and, smiling happily, look out from the window of your new home onto the street. You need to write your family to say you’ve arrived. And now the most interesting part begins.

How do you actually connect to the Internet here in France? Which company do you need to call and who should you contact? Deep in thought, you decide to drink coffee, reach for the kettle and realise that you have no clue how to connect electricity or how to set up all the electricity bills. In a word, the next step is setting up the space around yourself.

Connecting to the Internet in France is not that difficult, though the technology will most likely differ from what is familiar to you. It is more important to correctly connect electricity and utilities. You can agree with the owner that they will pay all the necessary bills on your behalf and you will then reimburse them. If, according to the agreement, these obligations are entrusted to you, you will have to understand how to pay bills, how to receive them and a number of other things.

It’s our job to help you to fully settle in and we’ll help in every way possible. You can contact Quartier Latin before coming to France and we will begin to prepare all the necessary paperwork and to select the best provider for your case. Leaving it to us to connect to the Internet, electricity and other utilities, you can rest assured that you will get connected and have electricity as fast as possible and ensure yourself the most comfortable arrival from the very start.

However, bear in mind that in order to have utility connections, you have to open a French bank account  and conclude an agreement on long-term rental housing in France . At this stage, we will be by your side and work on any and all issues that may arise, helping you to settle in.


  • You will get our most advantageous tariff among all other offers;
  • Any errors and fraud on the part of the contractors are excluded;
  • You will have an opportunity to take up residency in a comfortable apartment with all the conveniences.


  • A scan of the first page of your international passport;
  • Documents confirming your address in France;
  • Your banking details in France.


Internet connection - 200 euros;

Electricity connection - 200 euros;
Internet + electricity connection - 300 euros.